Alex Schwartz

Attorney at Law


New York 



Criminal Defense Attorney explains possible consequences for Southwick students if found guilty

They have rights.
They have lives.
They have futures.


Personal Injury







“When I was a young, public defender in the Bronx, it quickly became clear that no one cared about my clients. The DA didn’t care. The judge had given up on them.  All they had was me.”


Justice may be blind. But it’s not deaf.

No matter what the circumstances.  No matter what the charges or the evidence may be, every client deserves and needs to be heard.  They want their story told.  Alex uses his knowledge of the law to tell it in the most effective way possible.’


Federal cases are tough.

There are often exhaustive investigations and mountains of data and information to go through.  It takes months to get to trial.  Meanwhile, the client may be held out of state, feeling increasingly isolated.  Alex will be there.  Not only discussing the track of the trial and providing legal guidance, but also making sure the client never feels forgotten.

Practice Expertise:
homicide, narcotics, white collar, firearms, larceny


‘Experience is always the best listener.’

Alex has successfully represented clients from all walks of life in an astonishing variety of legal actions.  It is impossible to underestimate the connection between his experience and his ability to craft thoughtful arguments he knows will stand-up in a court of law. It begins, of course, with listening intently to each client, diving deep into the details of the situation and then pushing up to but not through the boundaries set by precedence in relevant cases.


‘Every case needs to be treated differently for the simple reason that it is.’

Connecticut’s divorce laws may be pretty cut and dried, but divorce proceedings rarely are.  Each party has his or her own take on what happened and why.  Each has their own idea of what’s fair.  Alex has decades of family law experience. He’ll look at your case the way the judge will look at your case and then shape it accordingly.  It’s his most important skill for guiding you forward while protecting your interests.


‘No matter what kind of trouble a kid is in, the rest of his life shouldn’t depend on whether or not his parents can afford a good lawyer.’

Kids get into trouble. They have poor judgment. They are often pressured into bad decisions by their friends. And no one knows better than Alex how quickly young, promising lives can fall victim to drugs, gangs, guns and bullies. Alex has successfully helped countless minors and their families get through very difficult situations with compassion, patience and resolve.   


‘It feels good to know there’s a direct connection between my work and the future of the company.’

Alex represents mostly small, often family-owned companies.  One week it’s a suit brought by a former employee, the next it’s a lease dispute—  or maybe it isn’t a dispute at all.  Ownership transfers, vendor contracts, legally establishing a new entity.  The casework varies wildly.  But one thing is always the same:  When you’re a lawyer for small companies, you never forget your work significantly impacts the future of every one of them.


‘The first half hour after an accident can determine the case.’

In the effort to cooperate, personal injury clients may say the wrong thing or give out information they shouldn’t.  Never agree to settle anything ‘just between us’ with any other party to the accident.  Don’t sign anything.  And even if you think your injury is minor, go to the hospital. What happens during that first half hour can significantly impact your case down the road.  That’s why it’s so important to call Alex right away.